#TheChapMag Fastest Tache in Britain

Fastest Tache in Britain

Published on April 3rd, 2009

A 25-year-old English chap with a superb moustache is building a rocket that will help set a new land speed record. Daniel Jubb is working on the Bloodhound SSC, a rocket-powered car whose makers plan to break not only the current record of 760.343 mph, held by Briton Andy Green, but also to break the 1,000mph mark.

Mr. Green will also be the driver of the Bloodhound SSC. The vehicle will use a prototype jet engine, originally developed for the Eurofighter, to take it to 300mph. Then a hybrid rocket, designed by Mr. Jubb, will boost the car to 1,050mph, faster than a speeding bullet.

Daniel Jubb left school at 13 and is almost entirely self-taught, yet is regarded as one of the world’s leading rocket scientists. His first major rocket launch took place in 1998 when Daniel was 14. He and his grandfather built the Falcon VII mark 3 in their garage, launching it from Otterburn military range in Northumberland. The 14-foot rocket reached a terminal velocity of Mach 1.2 (900mph), putting them firmly in the lead of Britain’s amateur space race. For a full interview with Mr. Jubb, see The Chap issue 43.

Daniel now designs rockets for the U.S. Military under the aegis of his Falcon Project. He still operates the business out of his parents’ garage, which he has converted into a space station. He claims to have had a moustache since he was 12. Indeed, a photograph exists of him, aged 13, on a missile-test platform at Otterburn Army Training Estate, Cumbria, with a hairy top lip. Tragedy nearly struck, however, when he was 15. A small explosion during an experiment burnt off half his moustache. His mother made him shave off the other half, but since then it has blossomed into a fine example of a British Handlebar.

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  1. What-ho chaps. Do give a care. May I suggest you take a peak at my old chum and ally at the Royal Flying Corps, Wing Commander Doylschkin and his amazing example of the finest airbourne moustache seen this side of Gallipoli at greatestdancer.com

  2. [...] Fastest Tache in Britain. Not only is this splendid British chap working on our land speed record ca… — 11:10am via [...]

  3. Lone Star Chap says:

    Jolly Good! Pointing us towards new hope for humanity the fastest human shall be, better yet, the fastest Chap on Earth! A word of important caution: for the duration of your historic journey you shall be forgiven if you temporarily doff your trilby in favour of a nicely styled Kevlar helmet. Cheers and God Speed Mr. Judd.

  4. John Brierley (JB) says:

    I recently met Mr Jubb and his partner David, I drove them both down to Cosworth in Northamptonshire, where I spent spent a full day with the duo, they made me feel like a VIP, It was a privilage to have had this oppertunity and I wish them all the very best for the project and future.

    John Brierley (JB) HGV-Driver for G&J Lockwood Transport (Appley Bridge-Wigan)

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