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Published on July 9th, 2012

The 8th Chap Olympiad took place on Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th July in Bedford Square Gardens, London, its verdant Bloomsbury outdoor stadium for the last five years. The mischievous British weather toyed with the immaculately attired contestants, threatening to soak splendid outfits which had taken months to prepare, but decided, after all, that these eccentric Olympians deserved two days of dry weather.

Master of Ceremonies Tristan Langlois, as ever, squired the enthusiastic athletes, most of them rather confused by the complicated instructions for each of the ten events, but happy to leap into the fray and put their gentlemanly skills to the test. Contestants managed to dream up yet more unusual ways to approach old favourites such as cucumber sandwich discus, hop, skip and G&T and Umbrella Jousting, while new events such as Butler Racing, Swooning and Synchronised Slippages were executed with our Olympians’ usual breadth of imagination, applomb and inebriated skullduggery.

Those athletes on Day Two of the Olympiad, Sunday 8th, who were either the worse for wear due to Saturday’s excesses, or not quite in the spirit of things having just joined us, were administered to by our competent saucy nurses, the Flirtinis. Exhausted Olympians were stretcher-borne to the Gin Tent, topped up with panache-saving Bloody Marys fed from blood bags.

Britain my have once again missed out on the trophy at the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis championship, but at least we triumphed in Not Playing Tennis at the Chap Olympiad.

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12 Responses to “Chap Olympiad Celebrates Sporting Ineptitude”

  1. Chopper says:

    A splendid day, if only I had the energy for Sunday!

    Look forward to next year. Bravo team!

  2. Archibald (Harry) Tuttle says:

    The compere chappy did rather well amidst a terrible tangle of tweed, ‘taches, and Tyrell’s. Managed to keep events moving and amusing with wicked quips and rapier asides that would have had the redoubtable Terry Thomas green with envy I shouldn’t wonder. Top show!

    Sunday in Bedford Square was rather more relaxed as the weight of Pimms took its toll, no doubt, as chaises longues were laden with lassitudinous recovery and the velvet curtains parted but a sliver as the help crept silently by on slippered feet. The intrepid Olympians toiled on amidst the deluges, however, keen to tug the moustache, best the shopkeeper, and parade the wryest post-slap smile until the elements took centre stage.

    A damn fine show all round and bottoms up to the organisers. Huzzah!

  3. Had a simply wonderful day at the Olympiad. However,one thing I and all my guests (all musicians) felt,was that the day really needed some live entertainment. It just so happens that I run a company which supplies bands and ensembles to many functions and should you feel so inclined to get in touch I would consider it little short of an honour to discuss some possibilities for next year with you. Good day,and very well done to all those who helped to make this year’s Olympiad such a roaring success. Bravo!!

  4. Also,I think I am in love with Fluerre de Guerre!

  5. Monsieur Julien PINON says:

    Mon Dieu! Quelle fĂȘte!

    Marvellous atmosphere in Bedford square. I have crossed the Channel, back to my boring country. I am looking forward to coming back next year.

    Vive la France et vive l’Angleterre!

  6. Grenville Sopwith-Camel says:

    How delightful to see such sweetly pretty girls giving their all for their chosen sport while still retaining the dignity of their persons in thier sensible and charming sun dresses. None of those sexless Amazons competing in unbecoming underwear substitutes for this Olympiad!


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  9. dwarak says:

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