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Published on July 4th, 2012

Light The Olympic Pipe

That incorrigible ukulele-toting, rhyme-popping, bon-mot uttering chap hop superstar, Mr. B the Gentleman Rhymer, has only gone and composed a special new song for the Chap Olympiad, “Light the Olympic Pipe”, which he showcased during his live appearance at the Chap Olympiad on Sunday 8th July.

Mr. B has been purveying what he calls “Chap Hop”, essentially a combination of hip hop, Noel Coward and George Formby, all delivered in the laconic tones of one also familiar with the works of Stephen Potter, for a number of years, and has only just released his third longplayer, the Tweed Album.
Mr. B has already serenaded the Chap on his second album, “I Say!” with the opening track, “All Hail the Chap!” The composition of his paean to the Chapolympian spirit is the first time one of his tracks has been made available to the public before its appearance on a recorded album.

Light the Olympic Pipe became the Chap Olympic anthem on both Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th July 2012, and is certainly catchier than anything the British Olympic Committee is likely to come up with.

Light, Light The Olympic Pipe
Whether you’re a heffer or a grim sick type
Your dignity, may it be redeemed in our field of pleasant dreams
Light, Light The Olympic Pipe
Better you’re a heffer than a thin fit type
Your dignity, may it be redeemed in our field of pleasant dreams!

5 Responses to “Mr B Composes New Anthem for Chap Olympiad”

  1. Lourde Booty says:

    Mr B appears to be drinking from a colonic irrigation bag. I suspect those two young ladies may be in need of a refresher course at the nearest nursing school.

  2. Lucinda beiderman prefontaine ulyses says:

    I attended the olympics sunday the 8 th, had some wonderful chappy drinks and purchased a pot of tashe wax, the games were fab, mr b and his chap rap were simply brillimundo, will be going again next year in full attire pwah pwah pwah

  3. Sir Nicholas Jolyon Mark Pocock says:

    Tally Ho Mr B old bean.
    Yet another jolly fine rednering of a top hole song.
    Where did you find the totties and did they manage to revolve your swanickles .
    Roll on the 2016 Chapolympics when I fully intend to have the old tache waxed and the brogues restored to their full antiquity ready for the 10m dash to the G and T’s.
    So long chums and bottoms up .
    Sir Nick.

  4. Brian Devlin says:

    Mr B, I am glad that a song has been written. I have been working on my own composition. I Found My Tribe! celebrates the marvelous Chap Olympiad. Could you consider performing it next year if I could let you hear it? A ukulele is all you’ll need. It has a chorous that everyone can sing out together.

  5. Ambrose Fortas, Air Vice Marshal, RAF (retd) says:

    Well done Mr B. I asked my batman to sing it for me, but he needs the sheet-music, so he tells me. The memsahib too asks if perhaps you could indicte any song the accompanying melody belongs.

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