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Published on September 28th, 2012

Ladies and gentlemen, it is once again time to dust off your feather boas, polish your spats, buff up your finest cufflinks and alert your barber, footman, batman, valet, butler and tailor to a long month of preparations – for the Fourth Grand Anarcho-Dandyist Ball has been given a date and a venue.

This year, in association with Bourne & Hollingsworth, The Chap will be returning to the Grade-2 listed splendour of the Bloomsbury Ballroom, where in 2010 our guests were dazzled by the original 1930s fixtures, fittings and chandeliers that greeted them at the bottom of a sweeping staircase. As well as its main grand ballroom, Bloomsbury Ballroom features another more intimate cocktail bar, where we will be offering extra sideshows and entertainment.

In the grand ballroom, our headline act will be Albert Ball’s Flying Aces, featuring the delectable Patricia Hammond on vocals. Other acts will include Kwabana Lindsay – a white tie-wearing, fiddle-playing, umbrella juggling tightrope walker; Spacedog – a theremin and saw-playing lady assisted by on-stage automata. In the cocktail bar there will be a real live flea circus; the Flirtinis, who will teach you how to flirt with the damsel or gent of your choice; and Viv the Spiv, who will teach you the ways of contraband cigarettes and nylons.

The dress code is: Eccentric; Eclectic; Electric; Esoteric. No plimsolls or pantaloons de nimes, obviously.

The 4th Grand Anarcho-Dandyist Ball
Saturday 1st December 2012
The Bloomsbury Ballroom
Bloomsbury Square
London WC1B 4DA

Tickets: 0207 724 1617

19 Responses to “Grand Anarcho-Dandyist Ball 2012”

  1. [...] as I can manage (with plans to collide with Johnny and June and make it to Chap Magazine’s Grand Anarcho-Dandyist Ball in early December). I’ll be home in Australia for Christmas, then waltzing back over to live [...]

  2. Viv the Spiv says:

    “Gawd Blimey,Im filling my Battered Suitcase as we speak! Not`arf!”(No Coupons Required) In the unlikely event of a Bluebottle show i will regretfully `ave to Scarper!

  3. Postman paul99 says:

    All I can say is bang on,old chaps

  4. muddles says:

    One does hope not to have to endure those awfull forign lagers this year.

  5. Gentleman Jim says:

    Any chance of Mr B being booked for a few turns on stage this year? He does always jolly things along so.

  6. Dear sir, madam,

    What ho, dress code eccentric? Everyone will end up looking the same!

    x Auntie Maureen

  7. william stanford says:

    Dear Sir,
    Surely the only acceptable attire for a Ball is a tail coat with top hat ensemble? Am furious that the very arbiter of good taste ,the Chap, appears to be condoning,nay,encouraging some sort of bizarre dressing up competition!
    For shame Sir,for shame!

  8. Albion says:

    Would be good to see some fusion of styles. Anarcho-Archeo-Dan Dare-Dandyism.

  9. [...] come together at the 4th Grand Anarcho-Dandyist Ball.  Returning this year to the Bloomsbury Ballroom there will be music from the Gonzo Dog-do Bar [...]

  10. P K Randolph says:

    I will dispatch my manservant Panhandle, to purchase a ticket immediately upon our return from Mauritius.

  11. W M Price says:

    Will there be a smoking area?

  12. Splendid. So looking forward to it.

  13. H M RUSK says:

    Hope Atters is still master of cadisheries?

  14. Mr Royston Vasey BSc says:

    I shall be exhibiting my anarchist tendencies by ignoring the ‘no brown in town’ rule and wearing tweed.

  15. [...] Oh Santa. If you’re looking for some vintage fun sooner than that, The Chap holds its annual Grand Anarcho-Dandyist Ball tomorrow evening at the Bloomsbury Ballroom. Variety This Is [...]

  16. [...] If you’re looking for some vintage fun sooner than that, The Chap will be holding its annual Grand Anarcho-Dandyist Ball tomorrow at the Bloomsbury Ballroom, featuring ragtime sextet Albert Ball’s Flying Aces and [...]

  17. Louise Dean. says:

    Now this will be special for sure. So looking forward to it dear Chaps et Chapettes. Dandy indeed.

  18. Sammy Aki says:

    Such a fabulous evening, I captured a great selection of stylish gentlemen (on my camera). A great turn out. Thank you x

  19. Bernadette says:

    Excellent, what a web site it is! This blog provides valuable
    data to us, keep it up.

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