#TheChapMag Issue 65 With Bells on its Trousers

Issue 65 With Bells on its Trousers

Published on October 12th, 2012

The latest issue of The Chap, in the shops today, looks at the crazy world of the beatniks and their sartorial forebears in early 20th century Bloomsbury.

As well as documenting the lives of four of the main beatniks: Kerouac, Burroughs, Ginsberg, Huncke, we meet British beat poet Michael Horovitz, from whom Michael “Atters” Attree hears extraordinary tales of taking mescaline with William S Burroughs. How can one spot a typical beatnik in today’s world, where the pavements are already cluttered with “Hipsters” peddling similar aims and trouser lengths? Arbuthnot & Slipper roam the East End of London to find out.

We look at the dress codes of the Edwardian beatniks, spearheaded by gipsy caravan dwelling, unruly-bearded bohemian Augustus John and his chums Lytton Strachey and Stephen Spender. Berets figured heavily in the beatnik wardrobe, so we delve into the origins and contemporary usage of this bohemian barnet cover. If there could be said to be a Bohemian beverage, it would be cider, and the Bon Vivant investigates this troublesome drink and its rise from park bench to gourmand’s table.

The subject of our questionnaire, Ed Harcourt, comes from solid Sussex Bohemian stock and has not only grown a superb moustache, but has also written a song about it.

Steve Pittard takes a look at cricket’s greatest loafers, with a quote from William Temple, the 1924-1944 Archbishop of Canterbury: “Personally, I have always looked upon cricket as organised loafing.” The article includes the occasion when top Leicestershire idler Nigel Briers sprained his thumb on the pocket of his flannels.

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  1. I’m pleased to see you’ve spoken to Michael Horovitz. I’ve published a poem by him in my soon to be relaunched SAW poetry magazine.

  2. KGW says:

    I loved Atters’ ‘emperors new clothes’ comment.

  3. Andrew H says:

    I am alarmed to hear from my man that the latest issue of chap is in my local news and tobacco sellers. as a subscriber I wonder where my issue is. Please tender an explanation or I fear I will have to beat the help!

  4. Andrew H says:

    still not arived and no response from my email to the subscriptions department – who can help?

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