#TheChapMag James Bond Sorts Out Razor Prices

James Bond Sorts Out Razor Prices

Published on October 26th, 2012

The soaring cost of modern cartridge-based shaving has been debated in the House of Commons. Three members of the DUP criticized the price of men’s razor blade cartridges in an Early Day Motion, stating that “the exorbitant increase in the retail price of men’s razor blade cartridges means that in three years the price has increased in some cases by almost 100%”.

An eight-pack of razor cartridges currently retails for approximately £22, making the profit margin for some companies around 1,000 per cent. East Londonderry MP Gregory Campbell, South Antrim MP Willie McCrea and David Simpson have backed a Commons call for the pricing to be examined, and for the Office of Fair Trading and consumer bodies to investigate the sector.

Presumably all three MPs are fans of both the cut-throat razor and the old-fashioned safety razor, both of whose long-term maintenance costs a fraction of the price of cartridge-based razors. All three MPs appear to be fairly well groomed and one, Simpson, sports a moustache.

In further cultural developments, the latest Bond outing has produced a 405% increase in sales of cut throat razors. During a scene in Skyfall, Naomie Harris gives 007 a close shave using a cut throat razor, whispering in his ear that “sometimes the old ways are the best” as she performs the shave. Online retailer The Shaving Shack has reported a massive surge in sales of cut throat razors, presumably from Bond fans keen to emulate their well-groomed hero.

It’s about time that James Bond and cut throat razors got a mention in the House of Commons; in fact this should occur with daily frequency.

13 Responses to “James Bond Sorts Out Razor Prices”

  1. NJA says:

    In the far flung colony of Australia, this is also a high priced product, in some cases up to $16.00. Chaps of Australia, embrace the straight razor, and the anarcho dandyist revolution!

  2. Lord Simon Hall says:

    I advise DE shaving.

  3. The Hon. Charlie Strafford Van Cleef Mortdecai says:

    I have the utmost respect for those gentlemen among us who can handle an open razor. However, being shaken in the terrier-like grip of delerium tremens most mornings, I prefer to use the traditional double edge safety razor blade. I can recommend Merkur razors from Germany twinned with Feather Blades from Japan. If this seems rather unpatriotic, unfortunately Messrs Wilkinson and Sword are not what they once were… (Just don’t get me started on the deplorable state of the British hat-making industry!)

    • W. J. Edwards Esq. says:

      Agreed! I find the Merkur/Feather combination suits the old phizzog quite well. I’ve been a DE safety razor man for a year or two now, and will never go back to those confounded overpriced plastic cartridges.

  4. James Ashby-Spencer BSc. (Plym) says:

    Huzzar for Bond’s shaving. Its just a shame if the rumours are true about him forsaking the Vodka Martini for a week domestic beer.

    On another note I can see myself being converted to double edge shaving. I have come to this conclusion after seeing how reasonably priced the replacement blades are for these superbly styled implements of facial topiary.

  5. I wholeheartedly agree, a chaps tools are double edged razors coupled with a nice classic safety razor. Last time I checked 100 Derby or Wilkinson DE blades could be purchased for around £10 and each blade will easily last 5-7 days. That makes for almost 2 years of shaves for around £10.

    Of course the masters use straight razors and these razors once mastered provide a life time of quality shaves at virtually no cost outside of the initial cost of the straight razor, a leather strop and a barbers hone.

  6. Fortas. AVM RAF (Retd) says:

    These lefty politician Johnnies and Jasmines wittering on in Parliament and seeking a restriction on the Market, are a damnable crowd. If some dullard corporals want to spend their well earned beer money on damnably expensive razors and have fifteen blades slicing into their baby faces, it is their choice. And if a Chap prefers to use well-tried and proper cut-throat razors at a tenth of the cost then the further my damnedably small pension goes. I spent a few years dropping bombs on those damnable National SOCIALIST Huns to enable such personal choices in our clean and pleasantly shaved England. Time has come to stop spending our money on those politicos and their subsidised canteen.

    • Sidi Duncan says:

      The Charlatan Fortas masquerading as an Officer (albeit retired) should take care not to deride the enlisted personnel of HM Armed Forces.

  7. Mr. M. C. Hartley from the Antipodes says:

    I, unfortunately, lack the bravery or co-ordination to properly use an old-fashioned straight razor. It is the safety razor for me! Sadly, I also seem to lack the ability to cultivate interesting facial hair, so I just take the whole lot off and do my best with the clean shaven look.

  8. Mastering the noble art of shaving using a cut throat razor should be the ambition of any true gentleman. My first few dalliances with the blade resulted in a bloodbath. But through sheer grit and perseverance I have now progressed to the stage where I’m prepared to perform the glorious act upon my own whiskers. A fact that my wifes poodle will no doubt appreciate.

  9. Az says:

    I regret being a chapette, since I can’t use a straight razor. Maybe I could use one on my legs. Not sure if I’d be able to walk by the end though…

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