#TheChapMag Mr. B Unleashes New Gramophone Recording

Mr. B Unleashes New Gramophone Recording

Published on November 18th, 2012

Long-time Chap collaborator and muse, Mr. B the Gentleman Rhymer, has launched a new compact discular long playing album. The third long-player from this hip-hop superstar, the marvellously titled The Tweed Album opens appropriately enough with “I Invented Hip-Hop”.

Indeed you did, Mr. B – or at any rate, we jolly well wish you had. Especially when we delve further into this splendid album and hear such gems as “They Don’t Allow Rappers in the Bullingdon Club”, “Nympholepsy”, “A Rummy Old Day” and “Amusing Apocalypse”. Musically, there are probably all sorts of clever references to such fashionable musical genres as rap-hop, two-step dub and so forth, though The Chap would have no idea what they might be; we are far more comfortable receiving Mr. B’s interpretation of them, as if they had been brewed inside a pot of Earl Grey tea, along with Noel Coward, Spike Jones, George Formby and Vivian Stanshall – which is more or less what The Tweed Album sounds like.

Mr. B recently effected another One’sTube sensation, with a new track entitled “Just Like A Chap”, which ricocheted around the globe in a matter of minutes, such was the immediate appeal of this heartfelt paean to the difficulties of being a well-dressed dandy in the vulgar world of today.

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4 Responses to “Mr. B Unleashes New Gramophone Recording”

  1. James Ashby-Spencer BSc. (Plym) says:

    I can confirm that this is an absolute tip top listen when one is motoring around the country.

  2. Miss Eyre says:

    It seems I was too quick to tar all members of the hippety-hop brigade with the same disapproving brush. It was a true auricular delight, sampling some of Mr. B’s offerings. Thank you to The Chap for, once again, bringing wonders such as these to our collective attention and making modernity that little bit more endurable for we who appreciate finer things.

  3. [...] turns out this unique individual is Mr. B The Gentleman Rhymer and the article was promoting his new CD tape 8 track cylinder gramophone recording, “The Tweed Album”. [...]

  4. Chap-Hop! Love it Mr B and Bravo to you!

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