#TheChapMag Prime Minister Pops Out of Starched Shirt

Prime Minister Pops Out of Starched Shirt

Published on November 13th, 2012

At the Lord Mayor’s Banquet in the Guildhall in London, Prime Minister David Cameron got so carried away with his speech about the financial services industry that he popped all the studs on his boiled front shirt.

“Yes, some utterly terrible mistakes were made and they need to be addressed properly so they can never happen again,” Cameron told his City audience, referring to the fact that financial services contributed an eighth of all government revenue during the recession. “But those who think the answer is just to trash the banks would end up trashing Britain. I say recognise the enormous strength and potential of our financial sector; regulate it properly and get behind it.” He went on to emphasize the essential role that the defence industry plays in Britain’s economy, mentioning the 300,000 jobs dependent on it and highlighting his own recent visit to the Gulf to drum up billions of pounds of contracts for Typhoon jets.

Unfortunately, by this stage of the speech, Mr. Cameron’s grandiloquent words were somewhat undermined by a wardrobe malfunction. In short, he popped out of his starched front shirt, revealing a little more of the Prime Ministerial torso than perhaps the audience wished to see.

It seems that world leaders can no longer manage something as simple as wearing white tie. First it was Barak Obama showing too much shirt, and now our own Leader showing the right amount of shirt, but too much flesh. With sartorial standards such as these, it is no wonder that the Western World is in such a mess.

9 Responses to “Prime Minister Pops Out of Starched Shirt”

  1. Lord Hall says:


  2. Benjamin Cole Esq. says:

    I say…

    Should have bought shirt attachments himself I daresay.

  3. Albion says:

    Cameron exposed……

  4. James Ashby-Spencer BSc. (Plym) says:

    Oh Dear!

  5. KGW says:

    I hope he gave his fag Clegg a damn good thrashing for this.

  6. Sandyman P. Ort says:


    No vest neither!

    Ooh-er! Wot is ‘e like?

  7. Mr. M. C. Hartley from the Antipodes says:

    A little food for thought: Perhaps a white cotton undershirt is a good idea as a safeguard against exposing yourself from failed dress studs.

  8. Joe Wells says:

    I believe that some of the younger ladettes when venturing out to a film premier or some other drunken jolly up rely on the services of toupee tape to avoid a dress malfunction leading to the exposure of their breasts, perhaps Mr Cameron could have done the same.

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