#TheChapMag Prince Charles’s First Visit to Tailor in 30 Years

Prince Charles’s First Visit to Tailor in 30 Years

Published on January 12th, 2013

The Prince of Wales has paid his first visit to his tailor for 30 years. Since becoming a client in 1982, the Prince has been measured and fitted at Clarence House by Mr. Hitchcock, Anderson & Sheppard’s chief cutter. The Prince likes to see Mr. Hitchcock soon after eight in the morning, “Then it’s not interrupting his day, as it were”. When trying on a half finished suit, he relies on the opinion of his valet as well as his own and that of his tailor.

Just before Christmas, Prince Charles paid a personal visit to Anderson & Sheppard to meet the people who measure, cut, sew and press his suits and to lend his support to the firm’s apprentice scheme. The Prince is also putting his weight behind his own Campaign for Wool, which he launched in 2008 to help struggling sheep farmers and promote the use of woollen products in fashion. Last year, His Royal Highness asked Anderson & Sheppard to source wool from Australia and New Zealand, to be used in the suits he would wear on his forthcoming tour of those countries.

On his visit to Anderson & Sheppard, he wore a double-breasted suit in a light grey and blue glen check, which Mr. Hitchcock recognised as having been made in the 1990s. The Prince always insists on jetted side pockets rather than flaps, to prevent him from putting his hands in his coat pockets. On one of Mr. Hitchcock’s visits to Clarence House, he showed the Prince an end-piece of Balmoral tweed, woven exclusively to make an overcoat for Prince Charles, and was commissioned on the spot to turn it into a coat for the Prince’s Jack Russell.

Not only is the Prince of Wales one of Britain’s best dressed men, but it seems his dog is giving most of the population a run for their money as well.


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  1. An excellent example of why one should have clothes made instead of buying them – they last longer.Sx

  2. Sandyman P. Ort says:

    So that’s his secret, eh chaps?

    Right-ho, then!

    I wonder if messers Anderson and chum bring him breakfast in bed also. When I become a prince, I shall insist all my tailors do just that! Not so sure about the 8am start, I mean to say, and all that – or is the A & S team waiting on the royal doorstep for when our boy gets in from having a night out?

    Good on the old lad!

    And God Save The Queen!

  3. First visit in thirty years? The prince’s estranged relationship with his tailor draws a keen light to the indisputable facts that the system of monarchy is a farce ripe for corruption.

  4. Smyth says:

    Barrington Huxley old chap, if one were to re read the article, one would assuredly observe that the Prince, far from having an estranged relationship with his tailor, is regularly visited by Mr. Hitchcock. The articles title alludes to the fact that after 30 years, the prince has sojourned to his tailors, subverting their traditional arrangement.
    I do employ you chaos to read the article before commenting, these headlines can be rather misleading out of context don’t you know.

  5. This is absolutely marvelous news. In fact I met HRH in Melbourne last year at The Melbourne Cup. He and The Duchess of Cornwell were in show room condition. In fact HRH looked like A Million Dollars (After Tax) We had a chat and i must say his A& S apparel stood him in good stead. God Save The Queen.

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