#TheChapMag Abercrombie & Fitch’s Savile Row Plans Scuppered

Abercrombie & Fitch’s Savile Row Plans Scuppered

Published on February 7th, 2013

American teen wear retailer Abercrombie & Fitch is facing further setbacks in its absurd attempt to open a children’s store on Savile Row. Their latest application to Westminster Council was described as “deeply flawed” by one council official.

The sections of the plans objected to by the council centre around Abercrombie & Fitch wishing to make major structural changes to the Grade II-listed building they have bought at number 3 Savile Row. The company applied for permission to open a children’s store last year and was allowed to move into the building, which comes under a Special Policy Area order designed to keep tailoring as the principal trading activity on Savile Row.

Other requests in the retailer’s application that were refused included playing music loud enough to be heard on the street; allowing hordes of teenagers to linger on the pavement outside the store; vulgar celebrity-attended promotional events and pumping eau de cologne out of the windows to attract customers (and besmirch the clothing of customers visiting their tailors on Savile Row). A report by the council’s strategic director for built environment said a plan for fixed screens on the windows, shutting out light to create a nightclub feel, was “deeply flawed” and damaging to the character of the street. It also said the flagpoles that normally hang from Abercrombie & Fitch stores were “highly inappropriate”. Abercrombie & Fitch have appealed and a public inquiry is set for February 12.

When the proposed new store was announced last year, The Chap staged a protest outside number 3, Savile Row on 23rd April, chanting our slogan, “Give Three-Piece a Chance.” It looks as though Westminster Council has either heard our voices, or has some very well-dressed councillors on the board.

25 Responses to “Abercrombie & Fitch’s Savile Row Plans Scuppered”

  1. Paul vd Hart says:

    Hip hip!

  2. Alf A Romeao says:


  3. Priapus56 says:

    Blooody Marvelous! Don’t drop the guard, thou. The punch-up isn’t over yet..

  4. Priapus56 says:

    Blimey, dropped an “L”. Funny, it’s usually the “aitches” wot I drops!

  5. Jordan Smith says:

    Truly fantastic news. Well done gentlemen, well done.

  6. James Ashby-Spencer BSc. (Plym) says:


  7. Nik of Thyme says:

    I say! Good show! But let’s not get carried away with victory in one battle. There’s a whole war to win, chaps!

  8. Michael says:

    Well done! Jolly good news!

  9. robert anderson says:

    We must put a bespoke in their wheels !

  10. W. Vernon Trotter says:

    Their store has ruined the block of Fifth Avenue here in New York. Very good news to hear that you are winning the battle!

  11. Abercrombie and Watsit! Pah! Well see hear you’ll not have me wearing any extra tight fitting tweed undershirts. Oh no Sir. The old chap only just recovered after matrons last assault with this winters woolen undergarments. Bloody outrage. Pour me another Teachers, Potter!

  12. Captain Cap says:

    Bien jouĂ©. En effet, c’eut Ă©tĂ© intolĂ©rable.
    Keep on with the good job!
    Captain Cap

  13. Tim Garner says:

    Top hole chaps!!

  14. Col Tim Garner says:

    Top hole chaps. Up and at ‘em!!

  15. Inigo Jameson-Gatling says:

    The only redeeming feature of having this emporium in Saville Row is that their clientelle might be persauded to use one of the other proper establishments.

    They wouldn’t, what was I thinking. Pass me a pipe before I come over all unnecessary.

  16. Captain Sabertache says:

    Bloody good show chap bloody good show.

  17. Ariane says:

    Smashing. Firm hand shakes and kisses all round. On second thought, no kisses. That’s a bit French.

  18. A splendid bit of Gunboat diplomacy now lets give ‘em a full broadside and remind them that Britannia can still rule the fine tailoring industry.

  19. Patrick Elson says:

    See the bounders off!

  20. Rupert the Bearstard says:

    The revolution will be tailored!

    • Rupert the Bearstard says:

      Sorry, that should have read “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised, but it will be tailored”, hit the enter key prematurely by mistake whilst reaching for the sherry glass ;-)

  21. Wilberforce P. Chips says:

    Right ho! Keep up the good fight, gents, but you’re in for the tangle of your lives. You’ll need some Jeeves-like maneuvering to keep these blighters down all right. Insidious rot! For us in the former colonies, it’s a fait accompli I’m afraid, but I’m rootin’ for you hard.
    Wilberforce P. Chips

  22. The Colonel says:

    Chinese sweatshop clothing available in Savile Row!…who would ever have thought! What next..a Nandos or KFC?

  23. Gerard Clyne says:

    We will fight them on the bleaches. Stand firm Chaps. Over the top at dawn..I trust I have bespoke for a number of others.

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