#TheChapMag Latest Edition Waxes Scientifical

Latest Edition Waxes Scientifical

Published on February 11th, 2013

The latest issue of The Chap, in the shops from Tuesday 12th February, investigates the world of science. Our main interview is with former boffin Ben Miller, who threw away a career in astrophysics, thank goodness, in order to devote himself to being a rather amusing fellow and doing that funny hip-talking RAF pilots sketch on the Armstrong and Miller Show.

Michael “Atters” Attree provides a form of obituary to Sir Patrick Moore, recalling the extremely pleasant and enlightening afternoon he spent in the great astronomer’s company just before he died. We award the “Noble” prize for services to Chapkind, selecting the five exemplary fellows who have advanced the cause over the centuries, from Daruma Buddha (inventor of the teapot) to Terry-Thomas (inventor of the Elixir). For shed-bound boffins, there are detailed instructions on building a medium-sized Hadron Collider, so you can master the secrets of the Universe in the comfort of your potting shed.

Wine writer “Jolly” Olly Smith explains the lengths he went to in order to ensure that his raiment was precise for a white-tie lecture to the Vintners Livery Company. Russ Nash takes a detailed stroll around St James’s, to find the curious characters and establishments that make this area the epicentre of gentlemanliness. Tiffany Tondut makes a dangerous saunter out of SW1 to discover a dusty taxidermist in Islington. Tom Cutler explains the rudiments of taxidermy in his new regular column, the Arts of the Gentleman.

Neil Ridley dons his horn-rimmed safety spectacles to inspect the new craft whisky distilleries of North America, whose eccentric procedures include playing loud music to the casks of maturing “whiskey”. Our gambling column looks at the skulduggery that has made horse racing more interesting, and lucrative, than other sports over the years. In grooming, the Rev’d Oliver Harrison explains how to set about purchasing an open, straight or cut-throat razor, all of which are exactly the same thing.

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  1. Albion says:

    Leather corsets, asparagus, satellites, sponges, cufflinks, hand cream, magazines. Well random…..

  2. acsilver says:

    Oh i have a lot to thank Daruma Buddha for… I am currently going through an obsession for bachelor teapots, and his invention is having an effect on my bank balance lol

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