#TheChapMag Date Confirmed For Ninth Chap Olympiad

Date Confirmed For Ninth Chap Olympiad

Published on April 22nd, 2013

The long-anticipated announcement of the date of this year’s Chap Olympiad – which can now return to its original title of The Chap Olympics without risk of being hauled before the now non-existent British Olympic Committee – has come: Saturday 13th July in Bedford Square Gardens, London.

This year’s incarnation of this stunning attempt by a lot of stuffed shirts to run around and jump up and down a bit will see the introduction of six brand-new events, all designed to test the mettle of the elegant of trouser, but not so elegant of sudden movement.

The new events, which will be listed in their entirety next week, will put vital gentlemanly skills to the test, such as throwing buns around, playing chiff-chaff, passing the Port and reclining decorously on a divan.

The Ninth Chap Olympics will take place from 12pm until 9pm on Saturday 13th July 2013. Tickets will go on sale by Friday 26th April and will be available from this very webular emporium, as well as Ticketweb.

4 Responses to “Date Confirmed For Ninth Chap Olympiad”

  1. Frederic "Eyesman" of Biarritz says:

    Do you think that Chaps of Biarritz will be welcome ? One question remains: Chaps of Biarritz smoke cigars. Do you think that It means a split option for the Chaps ?
    Gode save the Queen and Hell burn our technocratic démocratie

  2. Susanne McAllister says:

    Greetings & Salutations,

    Alas, the newsletter link appears not be functioning. I’d be obliged if you would add me to your mailing list as your annual event strikes me as being worth a ticket from the colonies to attend.

    Hoping all your consequences are happy ones,
    Susanne McAllister

  3. Al says:

    How dissapointed i am that no one from Chap Olympiad has responded or replied to several emails i have sent.

    Very sad that your happy to take our money for events but cant give us a straight answer or any answer when asked a simple question.

    Think me and my group of 20 will reconsider coming this this year, Kind regards

  4. smoke says:

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