#TheChapMag Highest Recorded Reading of The Chap

Highest Recorded Reading of The Chap

Published on April 26th, 2013

A team of scientists working on Mount Everest has broken the world record for the highest altitude reading of The Chap. Dr. Martin, Dr. Hennis, Dr. Smedley, Dr. Vercueil, Dr. Couppis, Mr. Horscroft and Captain Carroll sent us this photograph of a reading of The Chap at South Base Camp in Nepal, at an altitude of 17,598 feet.

The team are engaged in “a scientific endeavour of the utmost importance”. They claim, however, to value their leisure time and made the most of their spectacular high altitude by casually setting a world record for the highest reading of The Chap magazine ever recorded on Earth.

The previous record was held by a small team of Chaps who in 2007 ascended a “sculpture” by Rachel Whiteread in Tate Modern, whose height was estimated at 47 feet, in the short time the gentlemen had to take measurements before being kicked out by security guards.

8 Responses to “Highest Recorded Reading of The Chap”

  1. Torquil Arbuthnot says:

    Sir, You forget my “pic” from Macchu Picchu in 2000 (8,000 feet). I was only accompanied by 19 Sherpas and a bottle of Gordon’s. The resulting picture appeared in the back pages of your rag circa 2001 (the “Readers’ Wives pages).

  2. Gustav Temple says:

    Sir, you are quite correct. Combined with the scaling of Whiteread in 2007, that would make you our highest reader ever.

  3. HUGO SKYLINE says:

    The “chap” at the front appears to be wearing the ghastly Pantalon de Nime and also lacks neckwear, one assumes he is perhaps foreign or a poorly dressed servant.

  4. Ivan. O. says:

    I read The Cahp down-under… Does that qualify for the lowest-ever reading..?

  5. Daniel says:

    To achieve the downunderest record, you’d have to be standing on a ladder, not lying down.

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