#TheChapMag New Issue Bellows from the Rooftops

New Issue Bellows from the Rooftops

Published on April 12th, 2013

The Chap’s latest edition sought an audience with barrel-voiced thespian and explorer Brian Blessed, who got Michael “Atters” Attree in a headlock and told him about climbing Everest in tweeds, hearing about the Dalai Lama’s sex life, having out-of-body-experiences, threatening to knock Oliver Reed’s teeth down his throat and blazers.

Elsewhere, we focus on the noble gentlemanly art of seduction, with advice from Tom Cuter on securing the charms of a likely lady. Donald Twain chooses his five favourite femmes fatales, one of whom went and died just before we went to press, and it wasn’t Cleopatra. Photographer Nick Mann put six lovely ladies in a crumbling boudoir and snapped them smoking a variety of pipes, while Zack Pinsent pens his first column on being the only properly dressed chap at his school, without any spelling mistakes.

Cricket looks at various sly players’ tactics to maintain a healthy diet of pipes, cigarettes, Pimm’s, lager and fags while discharging their duties at the Crease; Grooming looks at correctly stropping a cut-throat razor; William Walker showcases hi Futuristic, Self-assembly, Vari-part Seduction Engine (patents pending); we hear about the Architect of Elegance, Adolf Loos and the Tailor of Taste, Montague Burton; our Films reviewed are a new collection of lost Ealing Classics, and our new Music section opens with Mr. B the Gentleman Rhymer on Ronald Frankau and Spike Jones.

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