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Published on June 9th, 2014

The tenth Chap Olympics was held on Saturday 12th July in Bedford Square Gardens, London.

1,500 immaculately turned out guests convened on leafy Bloomsbury to celebrate Britain’s sporting ineptitude, which this year had seen many heavy losses around the world. But in Bedford Square Gardens, being rather poor at kicking the pigskin ball around in balmy countries and allowing Johnny Foreigner to thrash one at lawn tennis was of no concern.

The far more important gentlemanly skills were turned into not-very-competitive sports. Tea Pursuit tested one’s mettle while holding a cup and saucer on a moving bicycle; Ambassador’s Ball involved the tricky manoeuvre of catapulting a Ferrero Rocher into a champagne glass; Golden Handshake put one’s etiquette conventions to the test, in choosing the right water-filled rubber glove to shake, while ten of them flew at one; and Not Playing Tennis proved that we British are better at that than playing tennis.

This photograph, by Stephanie Wolff, shows Beach Volleybowler in full swing.

Further images of the 2014 Chap Olympics may be viewed here

Brollies for the Umbrella Jousting event were kindly provided by www.theumbrellashop.co.uk

5 Responses to “The Tenth Chap Olympics”

  1. Ms S Fanny Trollope says:

    Good sirs,
    I wish to commend you on what was a delightful afternoon. My first foray into the world of anarcho dandyism did not disappoint. Not only shall i return with a hamper and records in 2015 but I shall also make an effort to frequent my local purveyor of The Chap. I wish to also thank Mr Temple for signing my back dated copy, along one taut jodhpured thigh. Truly an item to treasure.

  2. Chopper says:

    Fantastic show, can’t help but ask for a Winter Olympiad?

    • Ms S Fanny Trollope says:

      Chopper, one could make a pitch for number 1 in the Butler-back-Bobsleigh. With a mid-run stop for a cup of Earl, naturally.

  3. I wish I had known about this. I traveled to England on that day for the UK Pipe Show and British Pipe Smoking Championships which were held on the following day. I had heard some of those visitors saying they had been at the games. What a great weekend for pipe smokers!

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