Fairway Frolics

Golf has been described as a good walk ruined, but when a couple of chaps take to the links with a pair of pretty ladies, who knows what fun may be had? The venue was one of the most exclusive golf clubs in the country, Peter Pan's Adventure Golf, Brighton. The models were Pippa Homan, Sharon Paddy, Andrew Fletcher and Atters. Miss Homan's garments were supplied by Ophelia Fancy, while the other models provided their own raiment.

Photographs by Russ Bell

Atters set out his game from the start by focusing his attention on flirting with the ladies rather than hitting the ball in the right direction

Mr. Fletcher proved that corduroy plus fours provide a slightly more flexible trouser when teeing off for a tricky "Wall of Voodoo" hole

Miss Paddy listened patiently to her partner's advice on how to hole a ball from three inches away, while wondering whether woollen stockings may have been more suited to the inclement weather

The players maintained a healthy rivalry throughout, even when the sound of the shutters being opened on a nearby hostelry caused the game to be abandoned