Societies, Events and Entertainment


SUPER-GROUP RE-FORMS! Saturday 14th July, London. Those musical coves Worsted are back to present their songs of etiquette and good manners. With lyrics by Gustav Temple and music by Paul Gunn & Vladimir Miller this promises to be an evening of panache, flair and charm. 7.30pm, Quaker Meeting House, 52 St. Martin's Lane, London WC2N 4EA (Please note the entrance is at 8 Hop Gardens) For future show details visit Worstedmusic.net

BLITZ. Monthly, London. Once a month, some abandoned railway arches in Shoreditch are transformed into a bombed-out night spot filled with flirty ladies in pill-box hats and chaps in allied uniform. The entertainment ranges from good-time ENSA girls to full-sized swing bands, and the threat of an air raid warning keeps everyone on their toes. Theblitzparty.com

THE LAST TUESDAY SOCIETY. Weekly, London. A decadent venue, shop and host to lavish evening soirees, the Last Tuesday Society runs a series of lectures on all manner of esoterica. Forthcoming subjects of talks include Paul Raymond, Caravaggio and Utopia. The shop itself contains articles as unsettling as shrunken heads, a narwhal spine and a pickled gentleman's private member. The Last Tuesday Society

DIARY OF A VINTAGE GIRL. The Chap's very own Vintage Socialite Fleur de Guerre posts various glamorous oddities and fripperies on her superlative blog (or on-line diary to Chaps). She will also keep you abreast of any key vintage events coming up on her busy social calendar, and thus you might even get to meet her! Diaryofavintagegirl.com

WHITE MISCHIEF. For those who like their nights out to involve applying as much face powder as possible and for the entertainment to include at least one trapeze artist, White Mischief provides all the high drama and splendour of a Victorian circus, but with added ray guns, brass goggles and other Steampunk ephemera. Whitemischief.info

A GAME OF 2 HALVES. The gentlemen's answer to "speed dating" pledges to circumvent the usual vulgarity and awkardness associated with this modern branch of match-making, by banning tedious topics such as employment details and the latest televison programmes. Instead, the evening brings ladies and gentlemen together over witty banter, old-fashioned flirting technique and table-football. Stimulating topics of conversation are handed out every three minutes to help the tongue-tied, and there is apparently a paucity of Chaps! Agameof2halves.co.uk

THE HEP CHAPS. Exactly what it says on the tin, a dapper swing band who play dance-able 1930s/40s swing/hot jazz, with a name that bears vague similarities to a certain gentlemen's periodical Hepchaps.co.uk

MR B THE GENTLEMAN RHYMER. This sprightly cove purveys a new form of music he calls, rather flatteringly, "Chap-Hop", a strange combination of old world jollity, ukulele strumming and the angry music of black American ghettoes. His forthcoming live shows may be viewed at Gentlemanrhymer.com/ and he even composed a special tune to commemorate ten years of the Chap, entitled "Hail The Chap!", available from Hailthechap.net

PROHIBITION. Monthly, London. Those of us who secretly pine for the thrill of illicitly drinking bourbon out of teacups, with the threat of the cops busting in any minute, will delight in this monthly speakeasy held in a decadent ballroom in central London. Flappers flap, gamblers hurl away their paychecks and live bands keep the joint rocking till extremely late. Prohibition1920s.com

FITZROVIA RADIO. These sterling coves perform live readings from vintage radio scripts, with all the sound effects and advertisements, immaculately attired in vintage black tie. For further details, visit Fitzroviaradio.com

PIPE CHAT. Should you be about to light your very first meerschaum, or begin experimenting with a hookah after years at the briar, you may wish to seek solace, advice and pipular counsel from those aromatically-smoked coves at Pipechat.info/

HANDLEBAR CLUB. If you are about to embark upon the spiritual journey that is the cultivation of an enormous moustache, you might care to seek advice from Handlebarclub.org.uk