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Gifts, Cards and Books

There comes a time, usually around early December, when one feels the urge to regale one’s fellow gentlemen and ladies with parcels that reflect the esteem in which we hold them. The Chap Shop is proud to offer assistance in this task, by providing a modest range of gifts that, we feel, fairly accurately represent the wishes, hopes and desires of chaps across the land.

The Chap Shaving Set

We have assembled a shaving kit that should set any young shaver on the road to a fizzog as smooth as the one he had before he started shaving. Tentative steps are required on the journey to remove follicles with sharp blades, and this particular combination of sturdy safety razor, soft badger-hair shaving brush, drip stand and tin of The Chap’s very own shaving soap, Old Colonial, plus a pack of five razor blades, will educate your fellow with as much decorum and safety as possible.

Price: £52.00

Price with postage

Ponckle The Cat Painter of St Ives

Ponckle The Cat Painter of St Ives was published in 2012 to mark the passing of Gustav Temple’s mother, and contains monographs of her paintings as well as memoirs of her eccentric and exotic life in Bohemian Paris, Cannes and Mallorca in the 1950s and 60s.

UK Price: £9.99

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Chap Christmas Card

Our classic Chap Christmas card has all the elements one could wish for: Terry-Thomas with a cigarette holder, a bevy of burlesque ladies (musical trio the Speakeasy Three, as it happens), a Christmas tree and some saucy underwear. Ding dong Merrily on High!

UK Price: £2.00

Price with postage

Issue #76

The 76th edition of The Chap has the delightful John Le Mesurier on the cover with a pigeon. Contents include: More...

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