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Our musical department contains a modest sheaf of long playing albums by a carefully-selected group of artists, who take the best of earlier musical styles and throw in a few frills and furbelows of the modern musical idiom.

Our Lovely Day

The solo album from silky-voiced siren Patricia Hammond, who wowed the audience at 2012′s Grand Anarcho-Dandyist Ball with Albert Ball’s Flying Aces. Some of the songs on Our Lovely Day are by the great songwriters of the early 20th Century, such as Ivor Novello and Irving Berlin, while others are more obscure songs that Miss Hammond discovered while rummaging about old sheet music shops. For those who wish to relive the heady night of December 1st, or those who wish to appreciate the lovely songs of the Golden Era of songwriting delivered by a true virtuoso, this is the album for you.

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I Say!

The second long player from Mr. B the Gentleman Rhymer, whose work has oft been highly praised within the pages of The Chap. This album opens with his seminal tribute to this organ, “Hail The Chap!” and then touches on matters not usually of importance to hip-hop musicians, such as Lord Byron, Shooting one’s cuffs, the misery of paid employment and Guy Debord, founder of the Situationist International. Chap-hop at its finest!

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Issue #77

The 77th edition of The Chap delves beyond the green baize door for a food & drink special. Contents include: More...

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