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Deep in the bowels of the Chap’s offices, there remain some rare copies of very early editions of this humble organ. These are priced according to their scarcity and we recommend reading them in a pair of kid leather gloves to avoid damaging them. These early issues are also available as a bundle.

Issues 8-21 Bundle

Buy all five of the rare back issues listed below at a reduced cost, and we will also make a hefty reduction on postage costs for your collection of readable heirlooms. There are only a few bundles left with all of these issues, so get them while never-to-be-replenished stocks last.

Price: £25.00

Price with postage

Issue 27 Autumn 2005

Issue 27 featured an interview with Sir Donald Sinden, the loveable English actor now no longer with us. Ramblin’ Rogues documented the ideal clothing to wear for chaps on a country ramble, while Medlar Lucan divulged the contents of an Arcadian feast. Miss Martindale, also no longer with us in a different sense (she disappeared) penned a piece on the veil, while our letters page in this issue boasts one of the regular missives from Captain Rosco “Biscuits Fruit” Van Noote, sent from “Southern Mesopotamia” at the height of the Iraq War.

Price: £5.00

Price with postage

Issue 21

Issue 21 featured Boris Van Loon’s seminal Severed Head comic strip; Letter from the t’North; Medlar Lucan’s first Decadent Kitchen column; the first installment of our Report from the Smoking Room, in which we instructed on how to start smoking a pipe; an interview with Edward Tudor Pole, sartorial troubadour and ex-Sex Pistol; Gideon Farquharson’s Notes from the New World; and Justine “Bill” Farnsworth’s tales of life in Lambeth with her Tibetan houseboy Pemsi.

Price: £6.00

Price with postage

Issue 17

Issue 17 was a groundbreaking one, in that we secured our first interview with Mr. Stephen Fry, who that year (2003) had won what turned out to be the last ever Pipesmoker of the Year award. We also looked at how to spot criminal types in a crowd; antijuvenation tips to cultivate the “mature gentleman” look; the third installment of A Year in Catford and Bart Dickon’s spage age cartoon adventure.

Price: £6.00

Price with postage

Issue 11

Issue 11 chronicled the very first Chap party, aboard HMS Belfast in 2001. The issue also looked at International hand signals for Chaps, the Cricketing Chap, the art of gentlemanly intoxication and some useful tips for the Househusband, plus a letter about a chap who arranges to have a dinner companion’s legs partially sawn off, to prevent his 3/4 length trousers causing offence.

Price: £6.00

Price with postage

Issue 10

Issue 10 showcased a rare interview with that elusive louche mistress, Miss Martindale, doyenne of the Aristasian all-woman “empire of punishment”. Arbuthnot & Slipper instructed readers on how to give Jerry the slip if captured by the Boche; Marmaduke Filligree related a curious tale which resulted in the accidental shooting of his valet; Brigadier Gordon Volante described the remarkable changes that had taken place at his erstwhile gentlemen’s club.

Price: £6.00

Price with Postage

Issue #88

The 88th edition of The Chap is one of our best ever issues. Contents include More...

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