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Despite alarmist messages from the Nanny State to the contrary, it is an undisputable fact that smoking raises levels of self-esteem, panache and gung-ho. During times of economic austerity, such qualities are likely to put Blightly back on its feet, and during times of prosperity, they are guaranteed to make the pipe smoker feel like a king amongst men.

Bent Briar Pipe

The classic, iconic and, some would say, most Chappish of all pipe shapes is the bent billiard. This beauty is made from the finest briar and may be held rakishly, contemplatively or even thrust aggressively while making a point about the merits of devilled kidneys for breakfast.

Price: £17.50

Price with Postage

Blue Funk

Blue Funk has replaced all previous Chap pipe tobaccos, and is now made from the same blends of sweet, fruity virginias, blended with black vanilla cavendish tobacco as Brown Study was. Blue Funk is an ideal starter’s blend that is both pungent and aromatic but not too strong. Blue Funk comes in 25g tins, which are available individually or in pairs (see below) at the same price for two as the old Brown Study 50g tins.

Price: £8.25

Price with postage

Blue Funk x 2

Two tins of Blue Funk, now The Chap’s only exclusive pipe tobacco blend, at exactly the same price as the old 50g tin of Brown Study. The flavour of Blue Funk combines fruity aromatics with black cavendish tobaccos, and leaves a stirring room note of whisky-stained old leather and damaged mahogany furniture.

Price: £14.50

Price with postage

Bent Briar Starter Kit

This pipe starter kit will set you on the road to pipular success, comprising a tin of Blue Funk (ideal for the novice as it isn’t too strong and tastes superb), a bent briar pipe and a tamper, reamer and cleaner tool.

UK Price: £25.00

Price with postage

Tobacco Packaging

Blue Funk tobacco is sold to you in an unmarked plastic pouch, for you to decant, upon receipt, into the container of your choosing. That could be our Blue Funk or one of our old Brown Study tin, or any other tin, for that matter.

Issue #79

The 79th edition of The Chap conjures up the ghost of Oscar Wilde. Contents include: More...

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